Awakened Drama Team

This isn’t just ‘church theatre’; it’s a soul-stirring production with divine backing.

Why We’re Here:
Living loud for the Lord and spreading the name of Jesus

Our core purpose?
To show people there is more to life as we elevate the name of Jesus in all of life’s scenes, whether they’re highs, lows, or somewhere in between.

We aim to reach every soul—those wandering, those stumbling back, and even those walking steadfastly in faith.

As Romans 10:13 KJV declares, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Here’s the heart-pounding kicker: We’re desperate to see lost souls find their way home, backsliders reclaim their first love, and the faithful rise to new dimensions of power and purpose.

Our passion is to facilitate life-changing encounters with Jesus that will ripple through time and eternity.

What We See:
Worship in Full Color We’re not here to perform; we’re here to transform.

We envision our Drama Team meshing seamlessly with the Praise and Worship Team.

Imagine flags unfurling, dancers moving, all in perfect rhythm with the songs lifting to heaven. But it’s more than art; it’s a quest to plunge ourselves and everyone around us deeper into the presence of God, right to the very heart of God.

To create a space so drenched in His presence that no one leaves the same.

Where We’re Going:
Beyond the “stage”
Our ambition is to expand beyond the home church and the incredible local outreach opportunities that we have. We are also looking to hit the road, carrying the fire of revival in our dance steps and scripted lines.

We each have unique callings from God, and through drama and dance, we aim to live them out loud. It’s not just about the applause; it’s about hearing that ‘well done’ from above when our earthly stage goes dark.

Coming Attractions:
The Sky’s Not Even the Limit We’re buzzing with anticipation for what’s yet to come. We’re not just looking at the next performance; we’re dreaming about the next soul, the next breakthrough, the next divine appointment.

We’re ready for the curtain to rise on new opportunities as we dance and act our way into God’s unfolding plan, always seeking the Father’s heart in every step, every line, and every beat.