Kyle Gezon, Assistant & Youth Pastor

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About Pastor Kyle

Pastor Kyle Gezon is not just the Assistant Pastor and Youth Pastor of Greater Rain Community Church; he’s a fervent soul-chaser and spiritual mentor. He also happens to be one of the best drummers this side of Texas.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he later journeyed to the heart-stirring hills of Kentucky. Here, he co-founded Greater Rain Community Church in 2011, joining forces with his best friend and soul brother, Pastor Jacob White.

Athleticism runs in his veins; Kyle was a sports enthusiast throughout his school days, culminating in his graduation from Cedar Springs High School in 2007. But his thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. He later returned to the academic arena, earning his Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies. He’s now on the cusp of adding a Bachelor’s Degree to his spiritual toolkit.

But don’t let the timeline fool you; while his journey to the Lord started in late 2009, the greatest transformation took place in late May 2012 when he experienced a whole new level of intimacy in his walk with the Lord. Up until that life-altering moment, he had navigated a somewhat rocky path from 2009 through early 2012, (especially while transitioning from Michigan to Kentucky). He candidly shares, “It was a culture shock at first, but one that led me to my divine destiny.”

His heart beats for three things: God, Kingdom work, and people. Armed with the Holy Scriptures and anointing, Pastor Kyle loves to proclaim God’s Word with relentless passion, captivating the hearts of both young and old. “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine” (2 Timothy 4:2 KJV), is a verse that encapsulates one of his major guiding principles.

When he’s not in the pulpit preaching, teaching, drumming, or mentoring the next generation, you’ll find him soaking up life’s simple joys. Whether it’s hosting backyard BBQs, lighting up bonfires under a starry sky, diving into outdoor adventures, or sharing belly laughs with family and friends, Pastor Kyle knows how to savor the gift of life.

In Pastor Kyle Gezon, you don’t just find a pastor; you discover a friend, a mentor, and a spiritual warrior who’s passionately committed to advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth, one soul at a time.


Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. While this may not be the most eloquently phrased, the urgency behind it is real. We’re on a mission to save lost souls and make an indelible impact on our community and beyond.

Setting the Stage: The Here and Now

My part of the vision for GRCC? To be the largest, most vibrant Pentecostal, Five-Fold, and Holy Ghost-filled church in Fleming County. And let’s be honest: Given the times we live in—rife with wickedness, corruption, and a disturbing lack of Holy Spirit-driven churches—this is no small feat. We’re navigating a landscape marred by persecution and slander, where the love of many has waxed cold. But we’re not deterred; we’re invigorated.

Expanding Our Reach: The Physical and Beyond

We’re not just dreaming; we’re planning. We’re eyeballing building programs and expansion projects, always on the lookout for opportunities to grow. Whether it’s our church facility or specific ministries like the food pantry, we’re committed to broadening our horizons to be more effective for the Kingdom.

Building Bridges: Community and Connection

We aim to weave ourselves into the fabric of the city. Whether that means having our apostle serve on the Chamber of Commerce board or boosting our profile through community outreaches, we’re on it. Every event, every outreach is a chance to pray for people, to touch lives, and to expand our influence for good.

The Future is Bright: New Ministries and More

As we grow, we’ll add new ministries, driven by individuals eager to step up and shoulder more responsibilities for advancing God’s Kingdom. In the words of Proverbs 29:18 KJV, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Well, we’ve got vision to spare, and we’re laying the groundwork—stone by stone, blueprint by blueprint.

The Ultimate Vision: A New Home for Greater Rain

Perhaps the crown jewel of our vision is a new home for Greater Rain—a building that will not only draw more souls but also expand our ministry capabilities. Many may hesitate to walk into a storefront church, but a brand-new facility? That’s a beacon, a welcoming hearth for the community.

In Conclusion: To God Be the Victory

As we are now journeying down the road of our 13th year, what matters most is effectiveness—within our church walls and in the broader community. We’re not just planning; we’re anticipating a future rife with opportunities and spiritual victories. We’re not just hoping; we’re working, striving, and praying. We want to be deeply involved in our community, making a difference wherever we can.

So here we are, standing at the intersection of vision and reality, ready to march forward to a future illuminated by faith and action. We’re excited, we’re prepared, and we’re looking forward to everything that God has in store for us.